Benefits of Saunas and its Dangers

A sauna is a room with hot and dry temperatures that is used to help the body sweat and burn more calories. Saunas are also a good way to relax the body for the heart. Saunas can generally be found in beauty centers such as salons and spas, and in fitness centers. In general there are two types of saunas, namely conventional saunas and saunas that use infrared. Conventional saunas use space heaters to heat air. Meanwhile, an infrared sauna uses light energy to heat body temperature without increasing air temperature. Infrared saunas usually produce lower temperatures than conventional saunas. The temperature in the sauna room, which can reach 90.5 degrees Celsius, can increase skin temperature to around 40 degrees Celsius in just a few minutes. Because of the hot temperature, saunas can make the body sweat, dilate blood vessels, expedite blood circulation, and make the body relaxed. Benefits that can be obtained from a sauna Saunas are useful as a way of relaxation that can redu
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